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Experience one of the best business events in Latin America, where you can meet one-on-one with Costa Rican companies providing specialized services in: information technologies, audiovisual production, green technology, education, biotechnology and global health.

Personalized business agendas

Networking lunches

Welcome and closing cocktails

Transfers within Costa Rica*

Lodging for one representative per company*

National and International Speakers

* for international buyers

51,100 km² of territory

5 million of habitants

24° C of average temperature

97.8% Literacy

$17.645 GDP per capita

English as a second language

Colón as the official currency

US dollar exchange rate:₡610

2018 exports in goods:$11.321 Millions

+1.000 international flights each week

Telecommunications infrastructure ofers 100% redundancy

+30 industrial parks and business centers

26% of the national territory is protected

99% of the electricity produces comes from renovable sources


  • David Roberts

    Disruptive tecnology, innovation and leadership

  • Ramez Naam


  • Eric Rasmussen

    Disaster Resilience, Global Health

  • Tiffany Vora

    Biotechnology, digital Biology & Medicine

  • Taddy Blecher


  • Dr. Esther Wojcicki

    Future of Learning, GGC-Learning

  • Dr. Peter H. Diamandis

    Space-Industry, medicine, exponential Organizations...

  • Bohdanna Kesala

    International Summits

  • Dr. Geci Karuri-Sebina

    SingularityU South Africa

  • Maricel Sáenz

    Genetic engineering.

  • Nathaniel Calhoun

    Exponential technologies

  • Dr. Suzanne Gildert

    Synthetic humans

  • Anita Schjøll Brede

    Co-Founder of

  • Simón Borrero

    Co-Founder & CEO of Rappi

  • Cathy Hackl

    Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author


Venue: Costa Rica Convention Center. February 18th, 19th and 20th, 2020


Costa Rica Convention Center


Access through General Cañas Highway, San José Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Services Summit Costa Rica Services Summit

Costa Rica Services Summit Costa Rica Services Summit Singularity University