Mila Mayi


She joined Televisión Española in 1988. For 22 years she has worked in the Commercial Direction, and during the last 10 years she has led a team of Executives and Sales Managers, who are responsible for marketing the contents of TVE, cinematographic rights, and foreign catalogs represented both nationally and internationally.

Since May 2016 she is the Director of Acquisitions of TVE and possess great knowledge on the audiovisual sector, especially the needs of national programmers and content of their platforms. Her Directions oversees purchasing content for their channels, has in depth knowledge of the various product catalogs that the market offers, and the positioning of the products by program, including and evaluating the product of the competition against audience results.

Additionally, Mayi is a part of the Fiction Feature Film Evaluation Panel and the Documentary Feature Film Evaluation Board where the projects participated by TVE from its origin are analyzed and decided.