Rolando Castro


Mr. Rolando Castro is currently the CEO of Cognitiva – a Latin American company that commercializes Watson and its capabilities in 23 Spanish speaking countries in the region, collaborating with IBM to support sales, marketing and delivery offerings. Mr. Castro began his IT career in 1988 as Sales Manager for Sistemas L&S (Costa Rica’s largest IBM PC distributor) where he was granted the Diamond Sales Manager Award for Latin America.

He then continued as a Marketing Contractor for IBM’s RS 6000 product lines. He joined GBM in 1994 and has served as: Sales Manager and High-Volume Product (HVP) Manager for GBM Costa Rica. Then moved on to become Regional Sales Manager for GBM Corporation, as well as Corporate Quality Manager. Mr. Castro later served as Director of Management Services for over 11 years, overseeing Business Processes Management, Human Capital Management, Performance Management, Strategic Planning and Reputation Management including CSR. Mr. Castro was also Founder and President of the Chamber of Software Products in Costa Rica.